4 months before the end:

4 months before the end of 2014 again. almost a quarter of a year left before it ends again. This year I told myself I’ll make this my year. I guess my plans we’re so-so for the first half. But I feel pretty cheerful today, and I want to make a list of my life goals, not just for this year, or for the next. This is for my WHOLE LIFE!

I’m happy where I am. I’m happy where my life has taken me. The ups, the downs, the in-betweens, the gains and the losses during my 5 years here in the US of A. I’ve changed so much, from the little kid I used to be (still am in some ways), to the silly teenager I outgrew, and the young man I’m slowly becoming. So you know what, why not list the goals I want to achieve. I know I can do it. I have faith in myself. and I know i’m not the only one who has faith in what i can accomplish.

So let’s begin!

  • Graduate college¬† Graduate college with¬†FLYING COLORS
  • Get a dogheh. Probably a german shepherd or a siberian husky.
  • Oh and a cat. That’s important.
  • Be a really cool adult, friend, parent, whatever.
  • A chest tattoo
  • Live and own/rent a studio apartment to call my own. A really cool one at that
  • Learn how to cook. That’s important for teh ladies ;D (and myself)
  • Be Fit. get that 6 pack i always wanted.
  • Own my own latte machine (mmmmmm, latte art…. and coffeee…)
  • Be happy. Live life to the fullest extent before I die…

I’m just really i dunno… Happy right now. I’m not sure what drove me to write this but I feel this is important. I wasn’t so sure of who I was, what I want out of myself, what I wanted to do. Sometimes these things are questioned, but deep down I know who I am.

I’m Kyle. I’m 19, Single, Really goofy, hardworking, sweet, awkward, interesting, unique, and most importantly.

I’m alive.

I want to live life like i’m actually alive.